5 Do’s and Don’t when it comes to Packing for International Flights!


1. Don’t over pack. Leave some room (at least 5 pounds) in the suitcase for souvenirs or you might end up paying extra because your luggage exceeds the 50 pounds allowed in international flights for luggage that are checked in.

2. Don’t forget to take all food, electronics, and all items that are liquid out of your carry on bag to avoid having to get your bag searched which could cause you to miss your flight.

3. Don’t forget to use a checklist when packing to ensure you have all items you need.

4. Don’t Pack Full-Sized Toiletries

5. Don’t forget to check the weather of where you will be visiting to ensure you have weather appropriate clothes.


1. Pack a carry on bag with items that you can wear for at least two days in case you luggage does not arriving on time or gets lost.

2. Keep a travel size bathroom bag with personal hygiene products in your carry on luggage to freshen up when you land.

3. Always pack a few snacks in your carry on bag in case you get stuck at the airport ( airport food can be pricey), get stuck on the run way (nowadays the snack selection is very limited on the plane), and most important because they most likely will not have your favorite snack in the other countries!

4. Have several clothes packing organizers- these are useful for keeping dirty or wet clothes separate from clean clothes.

5. Resist last minute urges to pack extras as sometimes you don’t even use it and it ends up taking up space-packing couple of weeks before your trip will alleviate last minute packing.